OPEN   AIR   MOVIES   2017



Our foodies have a reputation for quality and authenticity

The Bug Bar

Serving you first class drinks with a smile from their very own converted VW van

Bonita’s Pizza

Authentic Italian wood fired pizza, cooked to order, ready to eat….share or don’t share…..we say don’t!

Gourmet Griddle

Providing you with gourmet street food from their vintage rig, settle down on your blanket with a burger like you’ve never tasted before!

Cripes its Crepes

The best crepes in town, savoury or sweet…which tickles your fancy?

Wow Churros

Mouthwateringly good Churros drizzled in chocolate sauce, washed down with a cup of something hot….we’re there!

Fresh Popcorn

Fresh salt and sweet popcorn, you can’t watch a movie without it!


We’ve got some great entertainment to keep you busy before the film starts

Snappy Cabs selfie taxi

Snappy Cabs vintage London taxi is back at all our cinema’s this year, jump in, grab some props (or bring your own….!) and make some fab memories with your friends. You even get a print out to take home and stick on your fridge, happy days….

Festival Face Painting

Enter the world of Cosmic Face painting and choose one of Clare’s fabulous face painting designs to add a touch of colour and sparkle to your evening.